The Wuzutech Flappy Fish Friend: A Genius Toy to Improve Pet Health

Keep reading to discover why 90% of pet owners love this smart new toy!

Every pet lover knows how important it is for animals to get the love and attention they need. Providing them with it when you are home is no problem.

However, when you need to go out for long periods of time, it becomes significantly more difficult. More and more pet parents are facing the problem of how to make their fluffy friends feel less lonely after they leave the house.

Introducing Flappy Fish – the innovative solution to keep your fluffy best friend happy and healthy while you are away!

What is The Flappy Fish Friend?

Started by a group of animal lovers who hated leaving their pets alone at home throughout the day, this genius interactive toy helps to cure loneliness, boredom, and feelings of abandonment in pets.

At the time, the cat toys and dog toys available on the market were of poor quality and would not keep their cats and dogs entertained. So, they decided to create an interactive toy that could offer their pets the same fun as playing with them at home.

The Flappy Fish Friend is a moving fish toy that moves on its own, offering all-day active play to relieve stress and separation anxiety. It plays into your pets’ inherent hunting instincts, effectively alleviating boredom so that you don’t have to worry about leaving them at home.

It is made from super durable, pet-safe, non-toxic materials that can be chewed on all day without getting damaged or causing your animal harm.

Why Pet Parents Love It So Much

Every loving pet owner wants the best for their furry best friends. However, boredom and inactivity on a daily basis can cause sadness, anxiety, and even bad behavior in pets. The Flappy Fish Friend is designed to assist with alleviating these symptoms by keeping your dog or cat's attention and keeping them entertained.

Known for promoting cat's exercise, it contributes to the physical health of your best friend by keeping them active throughout the day. Even owners with a dog loved this toy for its incredible features.

With this interactive dog/ cat toy, your pet will surely be a happy customer!

How It Works

Unlike other interactive pet toys, the Flappy Fish Friend is motion-activated. This means that the fish flops around when it is played with, and there’s no need for human input.

It makes use of intelligent programming and a smart contact motion sensor to activate the toy once it’s touched, making it move like a real fish! It also slows down and goes into an idle state once your dog or cat stops playing with it.

Additionally, it is USB-chargeable, so you won't need to replace batteries often. The battery pack can also be removed to make the fish toy double as a catnip pouch. No wonder every cat loves this fish!

It is the perfect toy to keep your pets mentally and physically stimulated.

Included in Each Purchase

With these features, the Flappy Fish Friend already trumps all other toys for fluffy companions. However, this cat/ dog toy is packed full of added features to ensure that your pets stay happy and healthy, and never feel bored.

• Moisture Proof - For convenient cleaning protection against damage, the Flappy Fish is made from water and saliva-proof material.

• USB Rechargeable Battery - The package includes a USB cable. The fish can be recharged using any standard USB charger. The battery will be fully charged after an hour, and provides up to eight hours of fun for your puppy, kitten, dog, or cat!

• Automated - The Flappy Fish requires no human input to keep your cat or dog entertained. With its smart motion detectors and touch activation, the FlappyFish offers fun all day. Simply switch it on and leave the house knowing your furry friends are happy and looked after.

• Durable - The Flappy Fish Friend is made from super durable, anti-tear materials. If your pooch or kitty loves to chew, this is the ideal toy for them. It can even withstand sharp paws and robust dog breeds!

• Safe for Pets - There are no harsh chemicals used in the making of the Flappy Fish friend, making it safe to chew on all day.

Give your dogs or kitties the gift of having a friend to play with all day while you’re away. It is the perfect size for any breed of dog or cat, and ensures that your pets stay happy and healthy.

These Fur Babies Adore Their Flappy Fish Cat Toy


Animal lovers around the world are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to keep their companions happy. Many of them have likely spent that much already purchasing toys that were boring or didn’t last.

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Unlike bigger companies, where money goes into large salaries and excessive marketing budgets, this U.S.-based startup is able to provide Flappy Fish at an excellent price. They do this by cutting out the middleman and selling this fish toy exclusively online – no need to pay large retailers!

When To Buy

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Where To Buy

Do note that the Flappy Fish Friend can only be purchased directly from the official website below. WuzuTech does not sell Flappy Fish through conventional e-commerce sites like eBay or Amazon. To ensure you purchase the authentic Flappy Fish toy, instead of a cheaply made knockoff, order yours directly from WuzuTech.

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