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Motion Sensors
Durable &

A Third of All Pets Are Left Alone and Suffer from
Poor Health, Anxiety, Loneliness, and Depression. This Can Cause:

  • Destructive

  • Urinating

  • Poor

  • Poor
    Life Quality

Get Flappy Fish to Improve
Your Pet's Quality of Life Today

Flappy Fish is one of the best interactive toys on the market, with smart features that stimulate your pet, eliminate their boredom, and awaken their curiosity. Your best friend can have a day of fun and play while you're not at home, and even get some exercise!

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Flappy Fish
Benefits Confirmed by Veterinarians

Less Anxiety

Unlike other cat toys or dog toys, Flappy Fish is designed to reduce your pet’s separation anxiety by providing endless entertainment and meaningful engagement. Your pet can be left alone at home without feeling stressed.

A very useful dog toy/ cat toy when you’re away working, in need of some alone time, or simply busy running errands!

Better Overall Health

Interactive dog toys/ cat toys like these are known for improving the overall well-being of your pet by giving them their daily dose of physical activity. Flappy Fish also helps to cure lethargy and provides mental stimulation.

Flappy Fish keeps your pet happy and active by activating their natural hunting instincts, thereby increasing their life span.

Improved Behavior

Designed by a group of pet lovers, Flappy Fish is known to improve pet behavior. Both cats and dogs are less destructive when they have a Flappy Fish buddy. They chew and scratch less. It even works well for pups and kittens!

No more worrying about your pet damaging furniture or household items that may be a choking hazard! Flappy Fish keeps them happy and stimulated all day long.

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The Best Interactive Pet Toy
With Movement That Mimics A Real Fish

Endless Stimulation
Realistic Movements

Designed to mimic a real fish, the Flappy Fish wiggles, wags, and flops to keep your pet intrigued. It has three different, randomized modes that activate and satisfy your furry friend’s natural hunting instincts.

Automated Motion

The Flappy Fish buddy includes smart touch sensors that activate its motion as soon as it’s touched by your pet. This allows for completely hands-free play your pet will love! Simply leave it switched on at home, and Flappy Fish will do the rest.

Long Battery Life
USB Charging

Flappy Fish is equipped with a USB-rechargeable battery and comes with an included USB-C charging cable. It has a long battery life that lasts throughout the day, and goes into sleep mode to conserve battery life whenever it isn’t being played with.

Durable Build
Pet-Friendly Material

Made of non-toxic, soft materials, Flappy Fish is safe for your pet to enjoy. Even the most robust pet won’t be able to damage this strong toy!

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Why Buy Flappy Fish?
Here's Why Pet Parents Love This Toy!

This great interactive toy gets 5 stars from many pet parents for its smart design and excellent, vet-approved features.

Flappy Fish

  • Prone to Obesity

  • Lethargic & Low Energy

  • Stressed & Bored

Flappy Fish

  • Active & Happy

  • More Energetic

  • Less Stress & Anxiety

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Flappy Fish Reviews
See What Our Customers Have to Say

Michael J.

This is one of the best cat toys we’ve ever tried. And, to our surprise, our dog loves it too! Our pets get so excited when it flops around every time they get close. We are thinking of buying another one so they can each have a fishy friend.

David T.

It’s described as a cat-kicker fish toy, but my dog is crazy the Flappy Fish. It’s hilarious watching him play! Endless joy for both me and my pooch.

Emily D.

I have probably bought hundreds of catnip toys for my kitty in the past, and they never work that well. They often break or she just gets bored. The Flappy Fish is a game-changer! It keeps her busy for ages and she doesn’t even need catnip to keep her interested anymore.

Sarah W.

At first, our cat didn’t know how to play with the fish, but now she loves it. I love to watch them go crazy and have fun. It’s super easy to use and I like that it’s not loud – there’s barely any sound. The perfect pet gift!

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Can the Flappy Fish be recharged?

The Flappy Fish is entirely rechargeable and comes with a USB-C charging cable. Users don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or batteries leaking.

What materials is the Flappy Fish made from?
Can I wash the Flappy Fish in my machine?
Is Flappy Fish good for cats?
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